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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stop Feeding the Bishops' Evil Bureaucracy

Why didn't we just eat the pork?
The Lepanto Institute headed by Michael Hichborn recently revealed how the bureaucrats at the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) attempted to bribe them with a grant from the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) if they would stop exposing the evil groups the bishops' "charity" funds.

Really? That's what Jesus would do?

Lepanto refused, of course, so they have been the target of a relentless attack to discredit their attempts to get the CCHD, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholic Charities to stop funding evil organizations and programs that promote intrinsically immoral actions like homosexual behavior, abortion, contraception, and other moral evils opposed by Catholic doctrine.

It's more than shocking and it demonstrates the reality that love of money is the root of all evils. Check it out here. The USCCB is a conduit for your tax dollars as well as contributions you put in the collection basket, and if it means they have to commit a little evil to get the dough -- well, the new reality is "Hey, you patsies in the pew, we cooperate with just a little moral evil because we're doing oh-so-much good."

Dangers of Transgender Ideology

Exodus of French Jews to Israel Due to Islamic Anti-Semitism

Monday, December 11, 2017

Time Out for Christmas Cookie Baking: Make Them Tasty Teaching Tools!

Remember those empty tomb cookies moms make at Easter? (I never have; maybe this Easter I will.) But what better season for baking Scripture lessons in a cookie than Christmas. Check out "Follow the Star" cookies at my Gramma blog. 

They are little wise men crowns in the center of a spice cookie with the Star of Bethlehem piped around the "hat". I am using them to tell my grandchildren about the three kings and then sing them We Three Kings of Orient Are. Then there are all the other Christmas treats that speak of the Scripture: candy canes like the shepherds crooks (bishops' crozier) colored red for suffering and white for purity, etc. Celebrate the season with symbols of the faith to enrich your children's understanding and create memories and traditions.

Who is Jesus to Israelis today - Is Jesus God born in the flesh?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

"The Quality of Mercy is not Strained:" The Butler Case & Fr. William Aitcheson

The Reagans visited the Butlers in 1982
after reading about their ordeal.
After months of silence, there is finally word about my former pastor Fr. William Aitcheson who stepped down from his position at St. Leo's after being publicly exposed for his KKK activities 40 years ago.  Crux News reported today that Father sent a handwritten letter of apology dated September 8th (Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother) including financial restitution to Barbara and Phillip Butler. He expressed his heartfelt regret for the harm he caused the couple by burning a cross on their lawn in 1977. [Read previous posts about Fr. Aitcheson here and here]

The diocese issued a statement following a press conference the Butlers and their attorney held on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th. The Butlers refused to meet personally with Fr. Aitcheson and initially refused even to accept Fr. Aitcheson's letter of apology and his check for restitution.  The Butlers later reconsidered and took the money ($23,000 in restitution and $9600 in lawyers' fees which Father is paying from his personal funds and through a loan), but the couple have publicly stated they don't know what it will take before they can forgive him.

Sunday Meditation: How Do You Pray?

The stable is a humble chapel and the manger an even humbler tabernacle. Let us reflect on the Little Lord Jesus as we move closer to His Christmas coming.

Why Jerusalem is so important

The Kingdom of God is within us, and there are Gay Pride parades in Jerusalem, but...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Latest on the Roy Moore Smear Campaign: More Corrupt by the Minute!

Trump says 'get out and vote for Roy Moore' at Pensacola rally
Trump says, "Vote for Roy Moore....We can't
afford...a liberal Democrat completely controlled
by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. 
While the mainstream media continues to aid and abet the smear against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, more signs of corruption from his enemies is exposed. Here are a few of the latest:
  • Report: Never Trump Ex-Jeb Bush Staffer Admits Planting Anti-Roy Moore Story in Washington Post   Summary - Tim Miller, a "never Trump" Republican activist, appears to have pitched the story to WAPO and to have "worked with" one of the feminists on the story, Beth Reinhard. Text messages between Miller and Charles Johnson of congratulating Miller on his successful attack on Moore testify against Miller's insistence that he had no role in pitching the story.... (Interesting that we are expected to accept his denial, but Roy Moore's denials just prove he's the bad guy he's accused of being.) Miller has consistently opposed any Republican who either supports Trump or is a populist fighting against the "swamp" in Washington. Read the full article. This type of corrupt smear is the modus operandi for these Machiavellian politicians and their cronies. In other words, according to Webster, their "principles and conduct" are "marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith." 

Parents, Your Role in Catholic Education is Critical!

The home is the first school!
Fr. Hardon used to say that Catholic home schooling families were the monasteries of modern times. Why did he say that? Because education in the secular world is so corrupted that if real learning is to be kept alive the "schools" must be found elsewhere.

The Church teaches that parents are the primary educators of their children, and this is nowhere more true than in the parents' responsibility for the religious education in the home. As a long-time catechist, I can testify to the absolute truth that a CCD teacher cannot in one hour a week effectively instruct children in the faith. If the children's primary exposure to doctrine is in the after-school program that is continuously interrupted by weather, use of the building for other purposes, holiday performances, etc. the child will be a donkey in Catholic truth. The voice in the Church classroom will be drowned out by the much louder voices in the culture: TV, YouTube, sports and other activities, social media, etc. There's no contest. The world wins!

Dr Mordechai Kedar - Why Islam's claim to Jerusalem is false

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Feast Day, Blessed Mother!

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is the perfect day to remember and celebrate Humanae Vitae which will be 50 years old next summer. Most readers probably know I'm referring to Pope Paul's encyclical on the sanctity of human life and marriage that reiterated the Catholic doctrine that a couple, in exercising their marital privilege, must never attack the act by deliberately rendering it sterile. The gift God gave married couples in "knowing" each other and becoming almost literally "one flesh" must respect both of God's purposes -- to unite the couple in love and to be open to the blessing of a child to the union if it be God's will.

In Humanae Vitae Pope Paul VI warned of the dangers of setting aside God's purpose for married love and all the horrors he described have come to pass: abortion, loss of respect for women, government coercion, etc.

As we honor Mary today, I want to share a bit from a talk by Malcolm Muggeridge on Humane Vitae which he gave in 1979. Even then, the disasters of contraception already loomed clearly on the horizon:

Arabian Advent of the Noble Islamic Civilization of European Nations

or the European Union of Islamic States

Thursday, December 7, 2017

On Nihilism, the Press, and President Trump

The very hirelings of the press, whose trade it is to buoy up the spirits of the people. have uttered falsehoods so long, they have played off so many tricks, that their budget seems, at last, to be quite empty.  
                                                                                                    William Cobbett, 
                                                            English Journalist and Member of Parliament 1763-1835

The white horse is a prehistoric creation in Uffington.
At the last Chesterton book club meeting we were discussing The Ballad of the White Horse, G.K.'s epic poem about King Alfred the Great, a champion of Christendom who fought bravely to establish Christianity in England and built a bulwark against the nihilistic paganism of the Danish invaders.

After an interesting digression on nihilism and other Catholic writers who address it, like Flannery O'Connor, I came home with a bee in my bonnet to learn a little more about nihilism. There is no doubt in my mind that it is very much alive and apparently growing in the U.S. today, especially among the young, which is sad.

Eagle's Nest and Eagle's Nest - Assassins & Terrorists

Arabic for Assassin

At the beginning of the Second Millennium there lived another kind of Millennial than those of today, one in particular whose name was Hassan ibn Sabah, "a free-thinker, an Ismailite and a man of consummate ambition "who said that with half-dozen faithful servants 
he could make himself master of the world."

Alas, he died before becoming the world's master because I never heard of
him before and if he had been master we all would have known it. However, he did leave the world his legacy which was that of the Assassins of Islam, the fedayeen, those who sacrifice themselves for the glory of Islam and who believe that in doing so will go to the Islamic brothel-paradise, straight into the arms of 72 virgins. That's right. Hassan left us today's Islamic terrorists who still carry out their master's vision of world domination through his personal 
creed, "Nothing is true, and all is permitted."

The Arab occupied Temple Mount